Flight Attendant Pre-Qualification Test

We’ve created an exclusive online flight attendant pre-qualification test to help you determine if you have the minimum requirements to pursue a flight attendant career. Simply answer the following six questions and you could be on your way! NOTE: This test assumes you are a U.S. citizen (or legal alien with the right to work in the U.S.) and have no criminal record.

How old are you?

The Flight Attendant Pre-Qualification Test generates a score based on the following areas.
  • AGE: Some airlines have a minimum age requirement of 18, but most require you to be 20 or 21. Due to discrimination issues, there are no maximum age requirements
  • HEIGHT: The largest percentage of flight attendants hired is between 5’2″ and 5’9″. Some airlines have no minimum height requirement, but do require you to pass a reach test. Conversely, if you are a little on the tall side, most major airlines’ maximum height requirement is right around 6’2″.
  • WEIGHT: Airlines used to have stringent height-to-weight guidelines; however, due to a number of recent discrimination lawsuits, most airlines are simply looking for your height and weight to be proportional.
  • EDUCATION: Just about every airline requires that you have a high school degree or Government Equivalency Degree (G.E.D).
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: Customer service experience is a very important qualification. Remember that you’ll be working in front of the public on a daily basis.
  • SECOND LANGUAGE: Very few airlines require you to be able to speak a second language in addition to English, but it can be a plus if you do.