PA Announcements

PA AnnouncementsWhat are PA Announcements?

As a flight attendant, you will be required to recite a number of passenger service and safety announcements. Most of these announcements are mandated by the Federal Aviation Administration; others are given due to company policy. Although the content is generally the same at most airlines, wording may vary from airline to airline. Responsibilities for giving these announcements varies by seat position, as directed by the senior flight attendant.


How do Flight Attendants Remember all of this Information?

Don’t be intimidated by the amount of information you need to convey to your passengers. In the beginning, you will be given an announcement booklet or cheat sheet from which you can read the announcements until you are familiar with them. Your PA announcement workload will be greatly reduced on aircraft equipped with monitors and digital video systems with prerecorded safety information. Although you will still be required to give some announcements, most of the departure and level-off announcements will be covered on the monitors. On aircraft with this equipment, all you will need to do is cue up and and play the digital recording at the designated times. All prerecorded safety presentations include the overwater life vest briefing. Just remember, if your onboard digital recording system on the aircraft is not installed or not working, you will be required to deliver all of the PA announcements manually. The required announcements are listed in the PA Announcements Study Guide. These are general announcements and are for no specific airline. There are no tests associated with the Study Guide, although you may be tested on some of the material in flight attendant new-hire training.

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