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Flight Attendant Fear of Flying


I would love to become a flight attendant, but I believe I have a problem. I am a white knuckle flyer and I am very uncomfortable when I fly as a passenger. Should I continue to pursue a flight attendant career with a fear of flying or is it acceptable to have a flying phobia?


Although flying is an integral part of a flight attendant career, ironically, many flight attendants are afraid to fly. They often start out okay, but as they mature, they usually begin to think about their loved ones and how they would fare in the event of a disaster. Flight attendants who are afraid to fly cope with it in many different ways. Some ignore it, while others resort to counseling. The more serious cases usually result in temporary medical leaves until they are able to overcome (or suppress) their aeroanxiety. It is very normal to have a certain amount of “flight fright.” So, do not let a diminutive fear of flying discourage you from pursuing a flight attendant career.

There are many books on the market written by both airline personnel and psychologists that can help you. There are also companies that offer courses to help you overcome aerophobia like SOAR which offers both one-on-one and group counseling.  Most books and courses emphasize the industry’s impressive safety record (as compared to other forms of transportation), thus suggesting aerophobia can be overcome just by educating yourself! If it makes you feel any better, 2017 was the safest year in history for airline passengers worldwide!

For a more comprehensive discussion of fear of flying and other fear factors (like turbulence, disruptive passengers and air rage) that could affect your decision in pursuing a flight attendant career, check out our book, “Is a Flight Attendant Career Right for You?”

Good luck!

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