Flight Attendant Cover Letter

How Important is a Flight Attendant Cover Letter?


I am getting ready to send my resume to a few airlines and wanted to know if it is necessary to also include a cover letter. Thank you for your time.



Always Include a Flight Attendant Cover Letter

You should always include a flight attendant cover letter with your resume, application or any other correspondence directed to an airline. Some recruiters admit that they do not even read resumes without a cover letter!

A cover letter is extremely important. It not only allows you to communicate directly with the person or department that does the hiring, but also allows you to showcase your talents in a more concise manner than on the resume. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to make a first impression with the reader before your resume is even read. Many people make the mistake of not including a cover letter or include one that is poorly written.

Key Components

There are several key components to a powerful cover letter. Your cover letter should communicate:

  • Your desire to become a flight attendant.
  • How you view the job as a career position.
  • Your qualifications (a brief overview).
  • Why you would be an asset to the company.
  • Your personal traits that relate to the flight attendant position.
  • Your gratitude for the opportunity, marked by a closing “thank you.”

The cover letter should be addressed (ideally) to a specific person in the hiring department. If you are unable to obtain the name of a person, you should use the generic, “To whom it may concern” or “Dear Sir or Madam.” Make sure you date the cover letter and sign it. Since the cover letter will usually accompany your resume, use the “enclosure(s)” footer at the bottom of the page.

Other Cover Letter Hints

Here are some additional guidelines to follow while composing your cover letter:

  • Use the same paper, ink, font and print quality as your resume.
  • Ensure that your return address information is printed at the top of the letter.
  • When sending your cover letter as part of an email message, convert it to ASCII format first.

Good luck!


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